Easy - Up Tents Sales

We import high quality easy-up i.e. pop-up tents.

You can get a quality tent from us!


Why buy from us?

- Our tents have a 50mm frame which is extremely durable.    - Frame thickness is one of the most important characteristics of a tent.                    
- They are the most innovative and durable tents on Estonian market.    - According to our knowledge there are no better easy-up tents on the Estonian market.
- All the joints of the tents are made of metal (not plastic or nylon) which is also one of the main characteristics.
Tent material is 100% water-resistant with D500 fabric material on top and thick PVC underlayer.
- All the pop-up tents have a hexagonal steel frame.
- Tent legs are made of 50mm aluminium profile which makes the tent even more solid and durable. 
- They do not rust like regular aluminium (aluminium is anodized like iron is galvanized).
- All of our products have a 2 year warranty.
- Overprint on tents 49 €/m²

  Set includes: Frame, roof, 4 walls, carry bag on wheels, guy ropes and stakes set.

But why from us?

We can offer you best quality tents at best prices!

1,5x1,5m- 369€;     2x2m- 399€;     3x3m- 459€;     3x4,5m- 529€;     3x6m- 634€;     4x4m- 534€     4x6m- 649€;     4x8m- 795€     

       Hindadele lisandub käibemaks!       
We have various samples of easy-up tents in our warehouse - come and see our selection!

Kõik vaheliigendid on metallist! 50 mm raam, mis on ülimalt vastupidav! Müügilett telgile 3m (60cm lai)- 195€
Metallraskus: 30 kg - 60 €
Metallraskus: 15 kg - 35 €
Liivakott 28 kg - 14 € Pealetrükk pop- up telgile Kiviraskus 12 kg -  8 €
Ühele jalale saab panna ka topeltraskuse!
Kaasas on vajalikud poldid ja mutrid.



    - Easy-up tents include 4-level height adjustment 2.0 - 2.4m. Rooftop height 3.3m.
    - Telescopic legs - tent can also be placed on uneven ground.
    - Roof includes a safety mechanism that ensures roof tension to prevent rainwater from accumulating on the roof
    - Guy ropes 5m - they ensure the stability and tension of the tent.
    - Would you like free transportation?     Ask and you shall receive!

     Want to buy our high quality pop-up tents?  Call   +372 53 570 560     or write   birgit@funrent.ee
     Do not want to buy?   Call +372 53 570 560 and I will explain why not to buy!
     Want to visit our warehouse to see our tents?   Call +372 53 570 560
     Do not want to buy a tent, instead you want to rent?  click "HERE"


NB!  FREE TRANSPORT-  Free transport across Estonia.  By ordering from us we transport the goods to you free of charge.
Same day delivery within Tallinn, next day delivery outside Harjumaa if the order is placed before 14.00.

Paigaldus ja kokkupanek:

Easy up ehk Pop up telkide paigaldusjuhis:

1) Avage raam ~75% ulatuses. 
2) Pange katus raami peale ning ühendage Velcro paelad ümber jalgade.
3) Asetage katuse tipp keskmisele tugipostile ja fikseerige katus pingutusnööri abil.
4) Raami täielikuks avamiseks haarake risttaladest ja astuge tagasi. 
5) Fikseerige ülemise sektsiooni splint astudes jalaga tugiposti tallale ja lükates risttalasi üles kuni splindi fikseerumiseni. 
6) Veenduge, et kõik raami lukustavad splindid oleks fikseeritud. 
7) Pingutage katus külgedel asuvate kinnitusklambrite abil risttalade külge.
8) Tõstke telk soovitud kõrguseni alumiste splintide abil. Veenduge, et kinnitus lukustus.
9) Easy- up telgi kokkupanek võtab aega kõigest mõne minuti.

Easy up telkide kokkupanek:

1) KOKKUPANEK: Tõmmake alumistest rõngastest, et telk alla lasta.
2) Vabastage katust pingutavad rihmad risttalade küljest. 
3) Tõmmake ülemistest raami fikseerivatest splintidest, et lukustus avaneks.
4) Haarake risttaladest ja lükake telk kokku. 

50mm telgi raam

1) Välimine ja sisemine jalg   2) Risttala   3) Nurga vaheliigend   4) Tugiposti vaheliigend
 50mm Raam: (armeeritud terasest)

Välimine jalg: 50mm diameeter- 1,8mm paksus
Sisemine jalg:33.4mm diameeter - 1,8mm paksus
Risttala: 35mm ×18mm - 1.8mm paksus
Vaheliigendid: Metallist

Telkide suurused: 2×2m,3×3m,3×4.5m,
3×6m, 4×4m, 4×6m, 4×8m

Suurus Mõõdud Raami kaal
1.5×1.5m 163×35×35cm 25kg
2×2m 163×35×35cm 26kg
2.4×2.4m 163×35×35cm 29kg
3×3m 163×32×32cm 32kg
3×4.5m 163×45×32cm 41kg
3×6m 163×56×32cm 50kg
4×4m 208×32×32cm 35kg
4×6m 208×45×32cm 47kg
4×8m 208×56×32cm 63kg

  Vaata suurt pilti SIIT

Toome easy up ehk pop up telke ise maale, seega suudame pakkuda parimat hinda.

Tellimiseks helistage või kirjutage:

Birgit Tammel   Tel: +372 53 002 269    birgit@funrent.ee

Meie käest on võimalik osta ka eraldi easy- up telgi raame ja katete komplekte.

Easy- up telgi raami ja katete komplekti hinnad:  (NB! Tegemist 50mm raamiga).

3x3m- raam 330€; seinad ja katus 229€  
3x4,5m- raam 400€; seinad ja katus 259€
3x6m- raam 475€; seinad ja katus 299€
4x4m- raam 385€; seinad ja katus 299€
4x6m- raam 460€; seinad ja katus 349€
4x8m- raam 575€; seinad ja katus 389€

Eraldi müüme ka easy- up ehk pop up telkide varuosi:

Easy up telkide lisatarvikud:

50mm telgi jalg- 59€
Easy up telgi raami rist- 24€

Overprint on tents

We offer a distinctive opportunity to print various advertising solutions on the tents and table linen you choose.

Tent and table covers with print advertising are memorable and effective means of communication at events, exhibitions as well as fairs. This is a great way to advertise the products and services of your company or to deliver a message to a large target group, catching the attention of potential clients.

When filling orders we are guided by individual needs and cooperate with reliable and professional partners to find you the best solution

We offer different print technologies depending on the nature of the print.

Please contact us if you are interested. We will gladly answer your questions and make an offer according to your wishes.

Easy up telkidele on võimalik lasta teha meil olemasolevatesse seintesse uksi, aknaid jms.

PVC kilest akna tegemine 3m seina  (aken 2,6 x 1,35 m)- 37€
PVC kilest akna tegemine 4,5m seina (aken 4,1 x 1,35 m)- 52€
PVC kilest akna tegemine 6m seina (2 akent 2,6 x 1,35 m)- 66€
Tõmblukuga uste tegemine seina 1 tõmblukuga- 35€
Tõmblukuga uste tegemine seina 2 tõmblukuga (ülesrullitav)- 49€

Easy- up telgi värvid:

Kõikidele hindadele lisandub käibemaks!

          Liivakott 10kg- 8€                                                Liivakott 35kg- 15€ (musta värvi).                                             Vaia haamer 7.5€

Kõikidele hindadele lisandub käibemaks!